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Expert witness and materials lecturer and expert witness specialising in failure of plastic or rubber components, including medical devices, condoms, ladder parts, boots, gloves, battery cases. Food contaimination from plastic components. Analysis of polymers, paints, adhesives and composites. Plastic product design and manufacture.

Dr Peter Rhys Lewis

The Open University

Consultant and EW on concrete, brick and masonry construction materials and their use.

Mr Graham True

Materials scientist and sports technology consultant specialising in design, construction and testing of synthetic sports and playground surfaces including artificial grass, horse training tracks, tennis courts and atheletics tracks

Dr Paul Hawkins

Consultants, expert witnesses and testing faciilties for all rubber, plastic & other polymer issues

Ms Helena Vivash (contact)

Smithers RAPRA Technology Ltd

Expert witness and consulant chemist/engineer specialised in designof rubber, polyurethane, elastomers, adhesives and composite material products. Experience in industry, university research and standards.

Prof Claude Hepburn

Glass technologist, chemist and expert in  forensic examination and fracture examination of broken glass  jars, bottles, vases and other food and domestic containers, and in identifying origin or glass fragments in food. Assessment of glass quality. Access to approved tst laboratory.

Mr Marcus Brew

Brew Technology & Training Ltd

Human factors and engineering consultancy specialising in solving safety problems for  suppliers of consumer goods arising from specific complaints or compliance with regulations and standards for a very broad range of products. Particular experience in General Product Safety legal requirements, physical hazards, risk assessments. adequacy of warnings and instructions, foreseeable behaviour of children and safety expectations of consumers in general.

Research undertaken for suppliers, standards bodies, enforcement agencies or government bodies into consumer accident data sources, causes, patterns and prevention or test methods.

Consumer Risk Limited

 30 years experience of identifying and assessing physical hazards and human factors issues in very wide spectrum of domestic products and consumer facilities. Over a hundred expert witness reports written for injury claims or trading standards cases on issues including causes of accidents, foreseeable child behaviour, warnings or instructions, diligence in supply chain, risk assessments and product recalls. Reasoned interpretations given of general and specific safety expectations, published standards, safety regulations, European Directives and statutory duties of care. Opinions also given where criminal prosecutions or child care proceedings involve disputed assertions of product involvement in injuries.

Eur Ing Dr Gordon Hayward

GH Associates